48V Dual Battery Electric Screwdriver Cordless Drill Multi-Speed Torque Adjustment Screwdriver Battery LED Lighting Electric Drill.

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Product Details

-Power supply type: rechargeable-lithium battery technology.
-Power supply voltage: 220V
-Rated torque: 50n*m
-Electric drill structure: pistol type
-Whether the electric drill is adjustable speed: stepless speed regulation
-Drill bit clamping method: drill chuck
-Handle structure: rear straight handle
-Chuck diameter: 10mm
-Maximum drill diameter: 10mm
-Fast charging
-All copper motor
-Positive and negative adjustment
-Double bearing system
-Three-proof body
-Stepless speed regulation
-Energy-saving power recovery 25%
-Powerful torsion motor
-Multi-speed torque adjustment
-15+1 gear freely adjustable
-Silent noise reduction body
-Infinitely variable speed button
-Forward and reverse adjustment buttons
-Dustproof, waterproof and drop-proof
-Enlarge the cooling holes
-LED lighting system
-Electric screwdriver
-Cordless drill
-Electric drill & screwdriver battery​

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