Ch12 Smart Phone Mobile Gaming Trigger for PUBG Mobile Gamepad Fire Button Aim Shooter Key L1R1

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Product Details

-Blue Ch12 series mobile game auxiliary artifact.
-High value, simple ergonomic design.
-Easy to operate, suitable for most mobile phone models.
-Responsive, game essentials.
-Scrub and polishing, the perfect combination of craftsmanship and aesthetics.
-Restore computer mouse experience.
-Name: Blue Ch12 Gamepad
-Weight: 30g
-Applicable mobile phone: most models
-Color: blue
-Is the shooting button/open button position aligned with the screen design button, and the position and size are appropriate?
-Whether it is invalid due to the over-assembled mobile phone case, too thick will cause the screen to be inaccessible, resulting in the inability to use
-Before the start, you should debug in advance, install the trial, and then play the game.
Package Included:
-1 pair of game triggers (left + right)

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