Mini High Powerful Self care Amazing Safety Electric Shock With Flashlight TW-801

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-Professional Stun Gun TW 801 with 5M volts, despite its small size it is very powerful in fact it emits a 5000 Kv discharge capable of grounding any person or animal aggressor tonnage. This Stun Gun works by means of an internal NiMh type rechargeable battery pack with an electrical mains cable included in the package.
- It is equipped with a safety button to activate the current discharge and the practical LED light useful as a torch. It has a comfortable black nylon case with a belt loop but is also practical to keep in your pocket.
-The Stun Gun TW 801 is a compact model with discrete dimensions (only 2 cm thick) ideal for sitting in a bag or in a jacket pocket, it enters the palm of a hand. Produced by Tiang Wang.
-Remember that a Stun Gun is a defense tool and not a toy! It takes at most 2-3 seconds of power cuts to stun an attacker. Do not keep the button pressed for longer than the recommended times in order not to damage people or the instrument itself.
-Body material: anti-discharge and shock-resistant ABS body
-Output power: 5.000.000 volts (5000 Kv)
-Light power: white LED
-Power supply: internal NiMh rechargeable batteries with an electric cable
-Total length: 9.5 cm
-Width: 3.5 cm ; Thickness: 2 cm.
-Weight: 89 gr
Before shipping, the products are carefully tested and checked.
-The Stun Gun has been imported only for the defense against the illegal aggressions of others and the attempts of theft or robbery in places of private abode.
-This product is an ideal contact defensive tool, the effect of the shock is short: from (1-2 seconds) it causes muscle spasms and fear, average: from (1-3 seconds) it can cause the aggressor to collapse and faint it will recover after some time, strong: from (4-5 seconds) it causes shock and loss of orientation for a few minutes and can also cause collapse with loss of will in continuing its criminal intent. In the long years in which the product was used, it was found that most of the time we never made contact, in fact, the Stun Gun has a big psychological deterrent.
-Our advice, in the event of an aggressive attempt, is to activate the shock several times without approaching so as to give the possibility of escape by avoiding contact between the two people.

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