Portable Plastic Bag Sealer Sealing Machine Handheld Package Sealer with magnetic base

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Product Details

-Kitchen Accessories Tools Mini Portable Food Clip Heat Sealing Machine
-Sealer Home Snack Bag Sealer Kitchen Utensils Gadget
-Mini Kitchen Household Package Sealing
-Plastic Bag Kitchen Storage Sealing Tools
-Lightweight, easy to use and store, ideal for home use.
-Size (L * W * H): 10cm x 3.7cm x 4.5cm (Approx)
How to use:
1. Check whether all parts of the sealing machine are in good condition. Open the back cover of the sealing machine after confirming that there is no mistake, install 2 pieces of AA batteries, and then cover the battery cover.
2. Before use, pull down the unlocking cover, and preheat the machine body first. The preheating method is to press the empty machine for 5 seconds.
3. Place the place where the plastic bag needs to be sealed on the heater of the sealing machine, press the sealing slide, and then move the plastic bag slowly until the sealing is completed.
4. After use, please pull up the lock cover and take out the battery.